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love yourself, darling

Haaaaai! Idk what to write here.. So my name's Nessie, i'm a hungarian directioner, i'm 15, my life is ruined by boybands and.. yeah i dunno. Follow me and i follow back? Yes, probably. I'm in love with ELOUNOR i ship them so hard. Have a nice day haha xx

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Liam looks like 20 years older in the music video


just like Louis but honestly? they all look much older.. they look so tired.

We love you, and… 


the real question is why did harry do that awkward lil jog for like three seconds


highlights of the you and i video: 

  • niall in tight pants
  • niall with a fringe
  • niall starting the song
  • niall with a balloon 
  • niall seductively looking at camera
  • niall 
  • niall
  • niall

One Direction music videos